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Monday, March 19, 7 PM
Eliot Church, 45 Eliot Street, South Natick
Illustrated talk on the Englishman who championed and chronicled the Praying Indians of Natick.
The speaker, Thomas M. Paine, is a descendant of Daniel Gookin. Click for more info
Admission: Free for Natick Historical Society members and students; $5 for nonmembers
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by members of the Natick Historical Society

$15.00 + $3.99 Shipping 

The lives of Rev. John Eliot and Augusta Cheney (Natick's famous suffragette), plus "Historic Walnut Hill" and 13 more unique stories about Natick past and present, all from the collections and archives in the Historical Society's museum.





by members of the Natick Historical Society

$15.00 + $3.99 Shipping 

Copies of our 2015 book are still available! It offers 18 concise and engaging stories (full-color illustrations) that connect Natick residents to the history all around us, including the Natick Post Office mural, TCAN, the Harwood Baseball Factory, the life of Sassamon, and 14 more highlights of Natick's long history.

Vintage Postcards &

5" x 7" postcards, $5.00 for 5 cards + $1.99 shipping

4 1/4" x 5 1/2" notecards with envelope, $2.00 each + $.99 shipping,

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Postcards & Notecards



Praying Town   DVD by Zadi Zokou Productions

Zadi Zokou Productions presents a story of three cultures--the Puritan Missionary, the Colonial government and the American Indians.  "A Puritan from England, John Eliot emigrated to America in 1631. Settled in Roxbury in present day Massachusetts, he preached to the Native People of Southern New England and formed several Praying Towns for his Native Converts.  Natick was the first.  John Eliot's missionary work was a success and more expansion could be expected. But disaster struck."  DVD/2012/Color/ 93min.    

 $20.00 plus $3.99 shipping and handling 


Praying Town



Hometown Natick: 1945-2000 by James W. Morley 


Hometown Natick: 1945-2000 explores the dramatic growth and change in Natick since World War II. Morley looks at changes in population, industry, housing, political systems and community organizations to describe life of this MetroWest suburb.   Published 2011, 111 pages, paperback, illustrated.

 $10.00 + $3.99 shipping



   Images of Natick             by Anne K. Schaller and Janice A. Prescott  

Natick, "a place of hills," is where John Eliot established the first Praying Indian plantation in the year 1651. King Phillip's War and the horror of disease ravaged the Natick Indians, but the small town continued to develop. The 1700s saw the introduction of mills along the Charles River and taverns along the highways. The railroad was built in 1835, and in the 1860s it transported the boots and shoes made by the burgeoning immigrant population. Natick's other notable industry was the manufacture of the uniquely designed Harwood baseball.

Over 200 photographs have been culled from the Natick Historical Society archives and other private collections to illustrate more than 300 years of the town's history and its citizens.     






From Many Backgrounds: The Heritage of the Eliot Church of South Natick   
by James W. Morley

This engaging and sometimes surprising narrative tells the story of the Eliot Church since the first meeting house built by Praying Indians in 1651.

Over time, five congregations have formed on this same site, each with different beliefs and facing different issues. Morley gives attention to movements such as the “New Lights” and the Unitarians, and covers issues closer to home such as the divisive Needham Leg dispute. Morley’s thorough research and easy writing style make this book a pleasure to read. 

$20.00 + $3.99 shipping






Natick Air     by Charlie Kane

Anecdotes of this "Home of Champions"

Originally written in 1959 by longtime Natick resident Charlie Kane, Natick Air is a light-hearted anecdotal and humorous remembrance of Natick in the first half of the 20th century. It recalls those individuals who contributed to its varied history. It names long-serving town officials, those who set sports records, men and women in business, and businesses which operated in Natick but have long since disappeared. It is a book about the people, their achievements, and their contributions to the fabric of local history.

Test your knowledge of Natick with interesting town trivia, share the stories of Natick's notable residents, and browse the advertisements of businesses past and present.  

$5.00 + $2.00 shipping.   OUT OF PRINT



The Chronicle History Series

by Robert Worthington



















The Natick and Wellesley



by Robert Worthington (42 pgs) $11 + $3.99 shipping



Natick High School Football


by Robert Worthington (59 pgs) $14 + $3.99 shipping




The Natick Trolley Spur



by Robert Worthington (73 pgs) $15 + $3.99 shipping




The Natick and Cochituate

        Street Railway


by Robert Worthington (110 pgs) $20 + $3.99 shipping






The Natick Electric Street



by Robert Worthington (122 pgs) $22 + $3.99 shipping





The Natick Fire Department


by Robert Worthington (237 pgs) $35 + $3.99 shipping






 Refrigerator Magnet 
Have your own "Entering Natick" highway sign on your fridge!
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